Jul. 1st, 2017

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So... Something happened while I was in Second Life. I was finishing up some things while trying to figure out how to add OpenCollar to an item for someone, when I noticed I was actually running out of power, and needed to recharge.

Basically, I use the Aurora OS Core for my avatars right now. This literally adds a host of options for an "owner" to use, and partially inspired the Omnicore system that'll be in one of my upcoming story projects. However, it also requires regular recharging, with the power drain dependent on various features and abilities, called services. Shutting down various services disables the ability to do various things in-world, but reduces power consumption. It also enables some...rather kinky capabilities, such as reducing the user's speech to nothing more than canned responses aside from OOC chatter.

But something dawned on me when I left to recharge my avatar's core. It wasn't just "kinky" to me, or anything like that. Having that limit was rather calming. I actually felt better when I left to do the recharge, especially compared to the insane stress and anxiety I've been having for the last three weeks (much less the last several months of me being unable to write).

I don't know why this happened. Weird is just part of my brain chemistry. But I like it...and I kinda wanna know more about why I like it.

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1) Grab this seed script from the marketplace. You'll need to get the script from the notecard it gives you.


2) Make sure you have the OpenCollar Six Transmuter from the temple.

3) Rez a copy of the item you want to add OpenCollar to. Do not wear it.

4) In the Edit menu, add the seed script to your item, refresh the permissions (open Permissions, click Apply, done), and refresh the scripts.

5) Rez the transmuter next to the item, then click the item and follow the instructions. If it doesn't work, attempt to reset the scripts as well, and try again.

6) Once finished with the update, basic OpenCollar will be installed in the item.


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