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So... I've been having issues with writing. I just can't write anything. I keep having anxiety attacks just looking at a blank document, much less trying to type any fiction.

Tonight, it dawned on me why I've had a lot of trouble...

I'm over-complicating myself, and my Delta Worlds multiverse.

I write organic stories, or at least I try to. I despise the forced nature of many storylines within books and TV shows, especially here in the US, and as such, I do my damnedest to keep my own style in the way I like my stories.

But I failed at that for a while.

When I created "Queen Star Seer" and the Butterfly Kingdom, I made a mistake: I used my own personal representation as that character. And I made them extremely complex. Their abilities, their motives, their very story... It all became forced, and I didn't realize it.

I'm going to start fixing that mistake. I'm going to make the storyline less forced, and in the process, refine "myself", so to speak. What that entails, I'll explain as I go along. For now, I need sleep.


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